Brainstorming Software


CEO Brainstorming Via ThoughtOffice  v.1.5.2014

CEO Brainstorming Software, aka ThoughtOffice: The Essential Software for CEO Brainstorming; ThoughtOffice is the leader in lateral thinking and presentation software (Gartner Group).


IdeaFisher  v.8.1.2000

IdeaFisher Brainstorming Software: Legendary program for Brainstorming, Creative Writing, Problem Solving, Public Relations, Advertising & Innovation.

XMIND 2008 Pro  v.2.1

XMIND, with a clean and kind interface, is a revolutionary Mind Mapping/Brainstorming software tool.

NovaMind  v.

NovaMind is a software application to help you map your thoughts. In other words, it is a thought organizational tool aimed to help you see information in the same way it appears in your mind.

IMindQ  v.7.0

iMindQ is a premier mind mapping tool that inspires creativity, stimulates thinking and brainstorming, provokes innovation, enables visualizing of ideas and mind mapping, initiates project planning, conceptualization and modeling of processes.

NovaMind Pro  v.4. 7. 2003

Mind Mapping is the intuitive and fun way to visualize and organize your ideas. It is a simple and powerful tool used by many individuals and companies to be better at whatever they do.

PersonalBrain  v.

PersonalBrain helps you organize all your Web pages, contacts, documents, emails and files in one place so that you can always find them - just like you think of them. This saves you time and makes your life easier!


BrainStorm helps you think, plan and organize quickly, thoroughly and effortlessly. You can create order out of information chaos. BrainStorm enables high-speed thinking, planning and organizing. You can capture, store, modify and rearrange ideas and

Visual Mind  v.11.0.0056

Visual Mind is a useful tool that allows you to create mind maps that help you visualize your thoughts and ideas more clearly.

Mind2Chart  v.1. 5. 2014

Mind2Chart is a powerful and easy-to-use project planning add-in that enables you to manage projects using Visual Mind.

Outlook EasyTask Add-in for Visual  v.1 3

Outlook EasyTask helps you to set up logical and intuitive connections between Visual Mind and MS Outlook.

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